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Field marketing

Shopping malls and stores are locations where the customer already are in the mode of purchasing and our salesman becomes a natural part of that environment. We are committed to brand building channels and designing stands that invite and signalize the product and the company behind it.

Events, festivals, fairs and football matches are good venues for dialogue and launch of new products. The criteria and needs of the target group are defined beforehand, in cooperation with the client.



Politicians do it before election time, we do it daily. Go from door-to-door and have a dialogue with people on their homecourt about relevant messages and products. This type of outreach sales business can be a very exciting and profitable sales form.

Many times, immediate installation of the product is desirable. Our personnel are competent to perform all the tasks described in the agreement with us.



Adicio offers services within direct sales on the B2B market and today we work with Norway’s largest supplier of energy and telecom services. Prior to sales campaigns, in close cooperation with the client, selective strategies based on several parameters and goals are set. Furthermore, the market is mapped in the different geographical areas to ensure the best possible basis before launch.

The B2B department in Adicio consists of professional, top-rated salesman who is precisely geared to the product and can answer all conceivable questions about the company as well as and the product they market. We book meetings and travel to customers with purpose to represent the product we consider ourselves ambassadors for.

Quality Insurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a precondition for a successful sales campaign. Adicios’ internal quality assurance department ensures customers experiences. We collect data, answer questions and create a professional impression after closing sales.

We contact the customer within 48 hours to ensure the sale. This action creates a better experience for the customer and generates higher wages to the employer. The outsourcing company receives continuous updates and a complete final report with valuable information and measures.

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