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Adicio is searching for driven sellers!

As an organization, we are growing and need more sales representatives within direct sales in Norway. As an employer, we have demands on our employees. Sincerity, loyalty, respect and good communication skills are important keywords. In addition, you must be result oriented, have good appearances and be a distinguished team player. Your work out in the field is to represent different companies. Every person you meet and every sale you deliver is of importance.

Do you relate to the personal abilities we are looking for? Then you will get good colleagues, tough workdays, good salary and an ocean full of opportunities to learn and develop. Adicio is a company with great headroom and a good developed social environment. All employees have guaranteed salary, in addition to commission- and bonus arrangements in which gives good opportunities for a good salary. Our sellers have beneficial car contracts which makes the workday a little bit easier. These components contribute to a secure work relation.  

In a positive way, we stand out from others in the industry because every single employee is viewed as a part of the whole. Adicio values work environment and comfort and we add up to a challenging yet secure work relation. We have known clients, a great work environment and good opportunities for good salary and development.

Adicio is searching for the person who wants a career in sales!



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