About Adicio

Adicio is Latin and means giving it a little extra. We were founded in 2011 and is considered Norway’s leading company in field sales. Events, door2door and B2B are our offered services, in which can help you achieve ambitious sales budgets.

Many perceive our organization as a springboard in their career. This, since we have a standardized platform and work with large, long-term clients. Our salesman are provided with good opportunities for professional development. Adicio recruit, develop and retains the best resources in the industry.

The company

The Adicio Group is built on the basis of more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing directly towards customers. Adicio holds over 100 workers amongst our four sales offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø and Stavanger.

Direct sales are about people, seriousness, profitability, and professionalism in every aspect. An exciting industry with challenges in line. Adicio holds the goal to be the preferred partner in this segment.

We are aware of the expertise we have and dedication that is required. Our goal is to prove this to ourselves and for the staff and our clients, every day.

Adicios’ greatest resource is our dedicated and regular fieldworkers.

Direct sales

Directs sales is certainly the shortest path between sales and purchases. The salesman meets potential buyer face-to-face, presents the product in a concise and good way. With this approach, a unique proximity is achieved in the sales situation.

Outsourcing of direct sales is profitable. The company can focus on its core business, gain access to competent personnel as well as full control of costs.

Through meetings between our salesmen and customers, new knowledge is provided. This information shows immediate response and profit. In advance of sales campaigns on stands, events or door2door, we value close collaboration with the client, thereafter put a variety of parameters and goals. Age, sex, geography, need and competition situations are just a few. Selection of salesmen to our staff is made with best matching the product and target group. When salesmen are in the field working, they are representing the client, as well as being geared about the product and being able to answer any conceivable questions about the company and the marketing product.

'Adicio, we help you to reach your goals'